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Law Enforcement Crimes, Abuse, and Corruption

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1 Bakersfield California Police Department charged with police corruption and poor oversight William M. Windsor
2 California Police Officer pulls a gun on a man in his driveway because he was filming the officer Admin
3 Police Officers Involved Data Project investigates unreported and under-reported police-involved homicides William M. Windsor
4 Is Chris Shermer of the Missoula Montana Police Department a Tool or a Fool? William M. Windsor
5 Florida officer shoots homeless man in front of children Admin
6 One of the most corrupt sheriffs in America just got convicted Admin
7 Robert Leone was brutalized by Pennsylvania State Troopers in a case worse than Rodney King - Lawless America...The Movie will help expose this outrage
8 Wrong man was executed in Texas, probe says Admin
9 Colorado Farmer Gets Four-Year Prison Term for Being Shot by a Cop Admin
10 Native Americans to be featured in filming for Lawless America...The Movie William M. Windsor
11 Florida Man Charged With Felony for Allegedly Stealing $1 Cup of Soda From McDonald's Admin
12 Open Letter to the FBI -- Arrest the Corrupt Government Officials or Resign William M. Windsor
13 In Guthrie, Oklahoma, if you do the crime, you don't have to do the time...if you blame someone else Admin
14 Police sent to collect Overdue Books From 5-Year-Old - Child feared she was going to Jail William M. Windsor
15 Georgia Grand Jury will consider Law Enforcement Corruption Charges Admin
16 Support Charlie Baird for Travis County DA -- He Supports Grand Jury Reform William M. Windsor
17 Justice Department Releases Findings of Unconstitutional Conditions at Miami-Dade Jail Facilities Admin
18 Fulton County District Attorney Investigator Cynthia Nwokocha to stand Trial in Georgia for Threats against William M. Windsor William M. Windsor
19 Innocent Man Freed in Texas after 25 Years in Prison for a Murder he did not commit Admin
20 William Windsor to be Executed in Kentucky Admin
21 New Mexico Police Officer having Sex on Car Hood won't be Charged Admin
22 Windsor forcibly removed from Fulton County Courthouse and charged with Criminal Trespassing William M. Windsor
23 Police Officer molested at least Five Children at School Admin
24 Tulsa Oklahoma Police Scandal -- 11 Named - 32 People Freed from Prison Admin
25 Police and Law Enforcement Corruption and Abuse -- an Epidemic in America William M. Windsor
26 Atlanta Georgia Police Officer Brutally beats Woman at International House of Pancakes Admin
27 Las Vegas Man Beaten for filming a Policeman and then Falsely Arrested Admin
28 Bryan Texas Police Officer arrested for Indecent Exposure Admin
29 San Fernando California Police Officer arrested in connection with Massacre of 145 People Admin
30 Portland Oregon Jury awards $82,000 after Woman is arrested when asking Police for a Business Card Admin
31 Missouri Sheriff Tommy Adams faces Meth Charge in State ravaged by Drug Admin
32 Former Wilson County Tennessee Police Officer arrested by Federal Authorities for trying to Sell Information Admin
33 Surprise Arizona police officer Mike Phillips arrested, accused of DUI and Endangerment Admin
34 Seattle Police Officer Scott Moss arrested on Suspicion of DUI...Again Admin
35 Slidell Louisiana Police Officer Claude Stevens arrested on Domestic Abuse Charge Admin
36 Macon Georgia Police Officer Truman Tucker arrested in Assault on Daughter Admin
37 Woman who was taken to Jail from bed while wearing only a T-shirt sues Portland Oregon Police Admin
38 Crime After Crime: Bay Area Lawyers seek Justice for Deborah Peagler, Domestic Abuse Survivor Admin
39 Former Niles Indiana Police Officer Ivery Cross Admits Sexual Assault of 19-year-old Male Inmate Admin
40 Judge has refused to lower $500,000 Bond of former Saline County Chief Sheriff's Deputy accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Harrisburg Illinois Teenager Admin
41 DC Capitol Police Face New Grievances of Racial Discrimination from 50 Black Officers Admin
42 Jeff Adachi attends Community Forum on April 20, 2011 on Alleged San Francisco Police Department Misconduct Admin
43 New Jersey Prison Officer Luis Roman pleads Guilty to aiding Drug Smugglers Admin
44 Chicago Police Sgt. Edward Howard Jr. charged with Aggravated Battery and Official Misconduct for Hitting Teenager when Handcuffed Admin
45 Law Enforcement Abuse and Corruption -- Latest News Reports - 10 Reports on April 18, 2011 William M. Windsor
46 It Could Happen to You: Police Corruption - The Kristi Devine Saga William M. Windsor
47 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against the Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff Admin
48 Two New Orleans Police Officers Convicted on Civil Rights and Obstruction of Justice Charges in Connection with the Beating Death of a Civilian Admin
49 Los Angeles Police Department Moves to Further Restrict Public Oversight Janet Phelan
50 Former Jena Louisiana, Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Activity Admin
51 Justice Department Opens Investigation into the Seattle Police Department Admin
52 Two New Orleans Louisiana Police Officers Sentenced in Post-Katrina Shooting and Burning of Henry Glover Admin
53 Two Russell County, Alabama Sheriff’s Detectives Indicted for Assaulting a Man in Custody Admin
54 Department of Justice Releases Investigative Findings Involving the New Orleans Police Department Admin
55 Bexar County, Texas, Corrections Officer Charged with Civil Rights Violations Admin
56 Former New York Correctional Officer Convicted of Assaulting Inmate, Making False Statements to FBI Admin
57 Massive Public Corruption Operation leads to 129 Arrests in San Juan Admin
58 California Police Officer arrested after forcing Stopped Motorist to perform Oral Sex Admin


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.