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Judicial Corruption and Dishonesty

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1 Custody Crime & 3 Ring RICO Criminal Circus ydEddmkno
2 Federal Judge Royal W. Furgeson found to have committed wrongdoing in Jeff Baron Case William M. Windsor
3 How Judges Commit Crimes and Treason William M. Windsor
4 3 Alarming Statistics On Home Break-ins You Need To Know William M. Windsor
5 Attorneys, Judges, and Clerks of the Court all commit Fraud Upon the Court William M. Windsor
6 Fight Judicial Corruption NOW by getting Candidates to run against Incumbent Judges William M. Windsor
7 How corrupt judges and attorneys steal everything a person has: The Jeff Baron Story. William M. Windsor
8 Judicial Council of Georgia shows how court personnel allow court transcripts to be falsified William M. Windsor
9 Mainstream Media is covering Judicial Corruption - Please, Please, PLEASE Post a Comment on this Article! Federal Judge Royal Furgeson is RESIGNING. William M. Windsor
10 Judicial Whitsleblower Murdered, and New York Police don't Investigate - Sign Petition PLEASE William M. Windsor
11 Did you know that being a Good Samaritan and saving a child's life can be a crime in Oregon? Admin
12 Atlanta Georgia has the Most Corrupt Judges, Government, and Law Enforcement in the entire USA William M. Windsor
13 How Many U.S. Marshals will be waiting for William M. Windsor at Occupy the Courts? William M. Windsor
14 Support Florida Legislation designed to Make Judges Accountable Admin
15 It's Time to Kick It into HIGH Gear! The Real Battle against Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption begins NOW! William M. Windsor
16 Locksmiths Need To Be Honest & Trustworthy! William M. Windsor
17 Newt Gingrich, We NEED You, and You NEED Us Admin
18 Achieving Justice after a Judge inflicts Evil - The Story of The Citizens' Voice Admin
19 Judge David P. Kreider reported to be a Corrupt Judge William M. Windsor
20 Nevada Judge Nancy M. Saitta - Reports of Judicial Corruption Admin
21 The U.S. Crisis of Judicial Corruption...An Article from 2008 Admin
22 Judicial Corruption William M. Windsor
23 HELP Needed Badly - Need a Media Entity to File a Motion to Lift Seal of Secret Documents hidden by Corrupt Judge Orinda D. Evans William M. Windsor
24 Uncover corruption, plug in a USB William M. Windsor
25 Our repeated Petitions for redress of grievances have been answered only by repeated injury. William M. Windsor
26 Why Judge Thomas W. Thrash Commits Crimes and How He Does It William M. Windsor
27 Anatomy of a Corrupt Lawsuit perpetrated by Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash - Part 4 William M. Windsor
28 Anatomy of a Corrupt Lawsuit perpetrated by Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash - Part 5 William M. Windsor
29 Anatomy of a Corrupt Lawsuit perpetrated by Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash - Part 3 William M. Windsor
30 Anatomy of a Corrupt Lawsuit perpetrated by Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash - Part 1 William M. Windsor
31 Anatomy of a Corrupt Lawsuit perpetrated by Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash - Part 2 William M. Windsor
32 Federal Courts Do Not Issue Valid Orders -- Check the Orders in Your Case William M. Windsor
33 The US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Patronizes Corruption of the US District Court in LA and the Los Angeles Superior Court Joseph Zernik
34 Removal Scam used by U.S. Attorneys Sally Quillian Yates, Christopher Huber, and Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash William M. Windsor
35 Corrupt Federal Judge Thomas W. Thrash dismisses Windsor Declaratory Judgment Action William M. Windsor
36 Why Judicial Corruption is Invisible by JOHN BARTH, Jr. Admin
37 Beware of False Prophets -- Commander Walter Fitzpatrick attacks William M. Windsor Admin
38 Americans Murdering Their Judges, and The U.S. Crisis of Judicial Corruption Admin
39 Why Judges Commit Crimes William M. Windsor
40 How Judges Commit Crimes William M. Windsor
41 Another Litigant files Charges against Same Judges as Windsor William M. Windsor
42 RICO - I've filed State RICO Actions - Most States have a State RICO Statute William M. Windsor
43 How the Judiciary Stole the Right to Petition - Part 1 Admin
44 Open Letter to Federal Judicial Employees William M. Windsor
45 Scum Strikes Again - No Better Word for Federal Judges in Atlanta Georgia William M. Windsor
46 Frivolous Appeal SCAM of Eleventh Circuit William M. Windsor
47 Sue Your Judge in Local or State Court William M. Windsor
48 William Windsor is a Victim of Racketeering in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia Joseph Zernik
49 Court Records Scam gets Scammier in Georgia Federal Court William M. Windsor
50 Sue the Judges and Get Proof of their Crimes William M. Windsor
51 Federal Judges in Washington DC are CORRUPT! William M. Windsor
52 How to EXPOSE Judicial Corruption...Reach the "Little People" Admin
53 Breaking And Entering A House: Prevention Tips William M. Windsor
54 Secret Courts - Secret Law by Larry Bolin Larry Bolin
55 Top 3 Ways To Prevent Car Theft William M. Windsor
56 Judicial Immunity - License to Commit Criminal Acts William M. Windsor
57 How Judges Break the Law William M. Windsor


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.
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