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The 50-State Movie -- Lawless America


Lawless America...The Movie was designed to include a number of firsts.

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a movie filmed in all 50 states (even 49)... in one continuous trip.

Here they are (apologies to Alaska)... 

 The 50-State Movie...Lawless America.

I tried to get a welcome sign with the Jeep in every state, but it just wasn't possible.  And I must have slept through a couple of states.  I did film someone from Alaska, and I still plan to get there!  I flew to Hawaii and rented a car there.  I took a taxi into DC.  Every State Capitol was visited as well.

 al-alabama-montgomery-capitol-jeep-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-10 005-200w  apology-duhaime-org-200w az-2013-05-28-arizona-border 5-200w 
Alabama Alaska Arizona
 ar-little-flock-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-01-011-200w ca-caifornia-border-welcome-sign-lawless-america-movie-2012-09-16 012-200w  co-colorado-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-10-17 041 1-200w 
Arkansas California Colorado
 ct-connecticut-hartford-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-07 21-200w  de-dover-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-27-051-200w  fl-florida-clear-springs-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-10 4-200w
Connecticut Delaware Florida
 ga-georgia-atlanta-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-20 003-200w  hi-trip-2003-08-20-hi-honolulu-honolulu-international-airport-2-big-200w id-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-29-7200w 
Georgia Hawaii Idaho
il-2013-04-07-illinois-metropolis 032-200w   in-indiana-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-28 020-200w  ia-2013-07-24-south-dakota-sioux-falls 009-200w
Illinois Indiana Iowa
 ks-2013-07-24-south-dakota-sioux-falls-041-200w  ky-kentucky-georgetown-lawless-america-movie-jeep-at-comfort-inn-2012-06-21 002-200w  la-louisiana-flucker-welcome-sign-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-02 031-1-200w
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
 me-maine-augusta-border-sign-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-13-002-200w  md-maryland-annapolis-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-27-017-24-200w  ma-massachusetts-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-10-004-200w
Maine Maryland Massachusetts
 mi-grand-rapids-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-27-002-200w mn-minnesota-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-06 014-200w   ms-mississippi-jackson-lawless-america-movie-2012-11-06 016-200w
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
 mo-missouri-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-01 015-200w  mt-2013-08-03-montana-billings 101-200w  ne-2013-07-24-south-dakota-sioux-falls-030-200w
Missouri Montana Nebraska
 nv-2013-06-06-nevada-las-vegas-jeep-camera-mount-3-200w nh-new-hampshire-concord-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-15-1-200w   nj-new-jersey-trenton-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-03 024-13-200w
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
nm-2013-08-31-texas-route-66-1129-200w  ny-new-york-albany-capitol-sock-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-18-006-200w   nc-north-carolina-border-jeep-sign-2013-02-08-1-200w
New Mexico New York North Carolina
 nd-north dakota-bismarck-jeep-at-capitol-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-25-008-200w oh-ohio-cleveland-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-24-33-200w   ok-2013-07-08-oklahoma-border-jeep-and-sign-200w
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
or-oregon-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-09-16-009-200w  pa-pennsylvania-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-27-058-200w   ri-rhode-island-providence-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-07-015-200w
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
 sc-south-carolina-border-2013-02-09-002-200w  sd-south-dakota-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-11-015-200  tn-2013-04-25-tennessee-chattanooga-2013-04-25-8-200w
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
 tx-texas-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-10-20 009-5-200w  ut-2013-08-27-utah-065-200w  vt-vermont-montpelier-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-15-8-200w
Texas Utah Vermont
va-virginia-richmond-capitol-and-jeep-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-24-002-200w   wa-washington-grays-harbor-county-on-the-highway-lawless-america-movie-2012-09-11-005-200w  wv-west-virginia-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-23-4-200w
Virginia Washington West Virginia
wi-wisconsin-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-05-004-200w  wy-2013-08-03-montana-billings-049-200w   dc-washington-capitol-lawless-america-movie-2012-06-27 002-200w
Wisconsin Wyoming DC

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Vermont, Virginia, and DC were photographed at the Capitols.  Kentucky and Ohio were photographed at the hotels where filming was done.  Michigan was filmed at a television studio.  Nevada was filmed on the Las Vegas Strip.  All others were filmed with a state welcome sign.  I drove to/in every state but Alaska.  I drove all 50,000 miles except for a few hundred miles driven by bodyguard Tatiana Poch in South and North Dakota

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